Live Webinar "Whom to Marry"


Offered through Schola Humanistica

At the start of the 15th century, Venetian humanist Francesco Barbaro produced one of the most important renaissance treatments on the value of marriage and the legal rights of women. In this work he participates in a robust contemporary debate about the institution of marriage, the guiding principles for selecting an uxor bona, and the roles as well as the duties of this ideal wife within the context of a nuclear family. This webinar will take into consideration Barbaro’s unique contribution to the vexata quaestio de matrimonio: his fusion of classical and late antique paradigms embedded in the pedagogical treatises of pseudo-Plutarch and Pier Paolo Vergerio il Vecchio – hitherto unexplored by 15th century society. As a result, participants will have an opportunity to explore Latin texts pertaining to the re-evaluation of the role of the woman in Renaissance Humanism.

Instructor: Giuseppe Marcellino

Target Audience: Teachers, students, and scholars of the Ancient World and Renaissance Humanism.

Language of the Webinar: Latin.

First Webinar: Friday, 18th September 2020; 18:00-19:30 CET

Second Webinar: Friday,  25th September 2020; 18:00-19:30 CET

Verification: at the end of the seminar, a certificate of participation will be issued.

Enrollment Deadline: Tuesday,  16th September 2020, @ 15:00 CET

Price: €15.75 with an Annual Pass (€19.90 without an Annual Pass)


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