Webinar The Perversions of Tiberius


Offered through Schola Humanistica

Although he may have exhibited respect in his dealings with the senate and began his reign by revitalizing a spirit of reppublican libertas, the name Tiberius for the Romans always held a place among the worst tyrants and was remembered with horror and disgust, even long after his death. In this seminar we will read passages in which the historians Tacitus and Suetonius recount this unsettling story. In this way we will explore the various details in the public and private life of this dark and enigmatic emperor, capable of a treachery and perversion that even today evokes dismay.

Instructor: Paolo Pezzuolo

Target Audience: Teachers, students, and scholars of the Ancient World and Renaissance Humanism.

Language of the Webinar: Latin

Price: €30 (webinar on demand; two hour lesson)


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