Live webinar "Losing Love"


Offered through Schola Humanistica

The end of a love story is an experience felt deeply by anyone who has passed through one. In these sessions we will focus on texts by two important authors who address this topic: we will discuss Catullus and how he approached writing about the end of his affair with Lesbia. We will then proceed to the advice of a cunning lover who, describing his techniques to fall out of love in the Remedia Amoris, does not cease to shock the reader, at times for the originality of his suggestions, and at other times for the remarkable freshness with which he describes experiences common to humankind regardless of time period.

Instructor: Paolo Pezzuolo

Target Audience: Teachers, students, and scholars of the Ancient World and Renaissance Humanism.

Language of the Webinar: Latin.

First Webinar: Friday, 21th August 2020; 18:00-19:30 CET

Second Webinar: Friday, 28th August 2020; 18:00-19:30 CET

Verification: at the end of the seminar, a certificate of participation will be issued.

Enrollment Deadline: Tuesday,  19th August 2020 @ 15:00 CET

Price: €15.75 with an Annual Pass (€19.90 without an Annual Pass)


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