No technology can ever replace learning from a teacher in person. This is an unusual statement to make as an introduction to an e-learning page. Nonetheless, we stand behind our statement since direct contact with a teacher is not only a matter of method, but also perspective on the culture being taught. That said, the requests we have received from many educators and students who have come to know us in the last decade have led us to consider how many, due to  the limitations of distance, are unable to benefit from what we offer in our facility. Because of this for those who live far away, we have developed a distance learning program in which learning content takes precedence over learning technology. The program emphasizes effective use of learning technology which we employ to assist you in further exploring the classical world at a manageable cost. Consider this opportunity, keeping in mind, however, that you are always welcome to take part in all of our programming that happens in person.



Petrarch and Livy’s Tomb

The central role that Petrarch had in the transmission and reception of Livy’s work.

10th and 17th January 2020

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The Perversions of Tiberius

The public and private life of a dark and enigmatic emperor.

14th and 21th February 2020

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Did the Romans speak Latin?

A decisive moment in the history of the Latin language.

13 et 20 m. March 2020

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The Deserts of Africa

Here there are lions, here there are dragons, here elephants are born…

17th and 24th April 2020

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The Mistresses of Elagabalus

Elagabalus exhorts prostitutes to practice their craft with more passion.

15th and 22nd May 2020

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The Secrets and Rites of the Druids

On the customs, political structure, and the religion of the Gauls.

19th and 26th June 2020

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Mt. Etna

Latin descriptions of the tallest active volcano in Europe.

17th and 24th July 2020

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Losing Love

An experience common to humankind regardless of time period.

21st and 28th August 2020

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Whom to Marry

The most important Renaissance work on the Wealth of Wives.

18th and 25th September 2020

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Witches in the Ancient World

An intriguing journey through the world of ancient magic.

16th and 23rd October 2020

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The Fall of Constantinople

Letters, orations, and poems about the fate of ancient Byzantium.

13th and 20th November 2020

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The Lands of Amber

Peoples with bizarre customs, forests, ice, and fossilized resin.

11th and 18th December 2020

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The Hermaphrodite

“An Abyss of Iniquity” (Ludwig Pastor)

16th and 23rd October 2020

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